Mavs' Mark Cuban: What DeJuan Blair will do to Spurs will be beautiful

Written by Jeff Garcia on .

“The Spurs,” Blair said. 
That is what the newest Mav said, making it very clear he is targeting his former team next year and has the first meeting between the two clubs circled in his calendar.
And as if that isn't enough to perhaps re-ignite the Spurs-Mavericks rivalry, Mavs owner Mark Cuban knows how determined Blair is to prove the Spurs were wrong for letting him go and is anticipating his new player to cause havoc for San Antonio when the teams meet.
“DeJuan already knows when we’re playing the Spurs,” Cuban said. “We already know what DeJuan is going to do to the Spurs. It’s going to be a beautiful thing.”
Blair fell out of the rotation during last year's Finals (and throughout the season) and complained multiple times about the lack of playing time during his tenure with the Spurs.  Add the fact the Spurs had been trying to trade him multiple times, it is not surprising Blair may have a chip on his shoulder when it comes to San Antonio.
As for Cuban's remark, of course he will want to drum up some hype between the two clubs. It could sell more tickets. Not only that, he wants to show his new player that he is on his side and has his back when it comes to getting back at the Spurs.
In addition, the Spurs-Mavs rivalry has cooled and was once considered one of the greatest rivalry in the NBA, so this back-and-forth may get the fanbases to come out to the games.
Also, Mark isn't one to shy away from taking pot-shots at the Spurs and the city of San Antonio.
The Spurs and Mavs will clash for the first time next season in December in Dallas. The first time the Mavericks and Blair will visit the Spurs next season will be January 8 in San Antonio.
I am sure Spurs fans will be there to give DeJuan a "warm welcome" back.
Thoughts Spurs fans? Do you really think Blair will do damage on the Spurs like Cuban thinks?
JohnAbney 2 Like

LMAO yup mark, we already know what blair is gonna do to the spurs, the same thing he did every practice, and every time out, grab a snack in the cheese burger line at the arena. oh during hte game? yeah hes going to dribble a couple of times then throw a sloppy spin move (generally to his left) and toss up a wear ass floater from 8' out. if he gets fouled he will continue to make free throws around 55-60% to the tune of about 1 point per game average off them. then after the game hes going to go to a local jewelry store and get a bunch of diamonds on store credit then refuse to pay for 4 years until a court orders him to. 

nice pickup there cuban, no better then the last spurs big you signed in mahinmi. bench fodder.

gymbear 2 Like

I was booing him just for making the worst rap single ever and for eating and whining himself continually into Pop's doghouse. Now? This kid's delusional. Booing and laughing. It's never a wise move to try to tick off The Big Fundamental or Pop. Good luck with that. 

gymbear 5 Like

DeJuan is the Uncle Rico of the NBA. "We'd a won state if coach had put me in." #Napoleon Dynamite  #UncleDeJuan   Reality?  Either Baynes or Pendergraph will bang with him and put him on his backside. DeJuan has always been immature and he's just running his mouth. Pretty sure Pop's not worried about The Dancing Bear. 

FranzA 2 Like

Dallas will at least be the worst team in Texas, and possibly the South West Division with the rise of the Pelicans

ajd21 1 Like

Is this the media blowing this out of proportion or does Dejuan Blair really have that much animosity towards the spurs?? It's funny because the Mavs will most likely suck next year. 

Emicris 1 Like

Cuban can try to ignite the rivalry back all he wants, but it still won't be intense like past times because his team is looking at another lottery season.

zerospurs 1 Like

doubt it, imo blair still wont develop a jumpshot and will probably be the same raw player he is for the mavs as he was for us. if thats the case the spurs have nothing to worry about. this guy is no luis scola, meaning he isnt a big that has any type of skills, hes a raw rebounder at best. spurs can deal with that

BlazingDeath 2 Like

lol, that is all


I always felt that Blair got the short end of the stick with the Spurs. I wish him well. Except when the Mavs play us. I can't stand that rich boy owner of theirs!

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